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Although our rhymes may not be the best, our vinyl wrap abilities are above and beyond. We have a full staff of trained professionals to install the highest quality vinyl wrap. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate!

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Welcome to Car Wraps Tucson

Welcome to the foremost shop providing car wraps Tucson AZ. We appreciate you taking the time to look through our website at the wide variety of services we provide and to learn more about the high quality standards we adhere to at Car Wraps Tucson. We have been supplying Tucson with top of the line vinyl car wraps for many years. We have dozens of returning customers because we have the ability to supply any type of vinyl wrapping project!

Our professional technicians have decades of combined experience and have completed just about every type of job out there. Whether you need a car wrap, truck wrap, advertising, contravision or paint protective film our technicians have the proficiencies to provide any job. If you have any questions about our services or would like a free estimate do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by the shop!

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About Our Auto Wrap Tucson Shop

Our shop has cultivated many highly trained and skilled installers over the years which has helped us establish ourselves as one of the best in town. Aside from high quality service our Tucson car wrap cost a fraction of our competitors without sacrificing any quality. We always hold our shop to high standards to ensure you receive the best product possible. Nothing makes us happier than to see our customers flip out over their vehicle is transformed into something brand new. Our main goal is to continue to provide top of the line vehicle wrapping at a price that everyone can afford. We hope you have found the shop you need and no longer need to search for “auto wrap near me” ever again!

Why Choose Our Vehicle Wrap Shop?

You should choose our shop because we never settle for anything less than perfect. The phrase “good enough” has yet to be uttered in our shop and we ensure that it never will. We are so grateful for the quality of professional technicians that we have found over the years and their dedication to upholding our high standards. We are more than just a high quality vehicle wrap shop, below are a few staples we live by:

  • Affordable pricing. We understand that we could be charging more for our services to fall in line with other premier shops in the state but we do not want to cater to JUST the 1%. We want to be able to provide quality car wraps for everyone and we are willing to work within your budget to try and make something happen.
  • High quality standards. We have touched on this briefly above but we truly do hold every single job to high quality standards. We want our shop to be the reason you never google “vehicle wraps near me” ever again.
  • Friendly customer service. We understand not everyone is up to date with wrapping terminology so we will always maintain friendly help and answer any questions you have.

We have the track record to prove why we are one of the best wrap shops in Tucson. But we want you to find out for yourself! We have many ways of getting in contact with one of our professional staff all listed on our website. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to receive a free quote today!

What To Expect At Our Shop

We have mentioned that we always adhere to high quality standards and this is proven by the number of return customers we have. We maintain a smooth and easy transaction for every customer that includes friendly customer service, top of the line vinyl installation and an affordable cost. Below is a brief outline of what a typical transaction looks like:

  • Call, email, stop by the shop or submit a request form on our website for a free quote.
  • One of our professional staff members will work with you to determine an estimated cost.
  • After a cost has been approved by both parties, we have you drop your car off.
  • There is significant work required to install a vinyl wrap so the process can take up to 2 or 3 days depending on how much work is needed.
  • The installers prep the vehicle which usually requires meticulous cleaning.
  • The installers begin adhering the top notch 3M vinyl to your car carefully removing all bubbles and seams.
  • Post wrap clean up includes trimming edges and smoothing out any other problem areas.
  • You come pick up your car and leave a happy customer!

We do our best to make sure your transaction is as smooth and stress free as possible. To find out what the celebrity treatment at Car Wraps Tucson is like, reach out to us and let us know how we can transform your vehicle today!

Our Services

We have been providing Tucson AZ with industry leading vehicle wraps for many years. Each year there is a new product or service that comes to market and we always jump the gun and get our technicians trained as fast as possible. We are always on the cutting edge of wrap technology to ensure you get a premium product. Take a look at a handful of the many services that can be found at our shop.

tucson car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

Many of our customers love the color of their brand new vehicle and do not need any wraps. We understand that, but if you want to keep that brand new car looking brand new for the next 4+ years you would be remiss to not get a paint protection film installed. This ultra thin transparent 3M vinyl wrap is indistinguishable while providing you with the protection you need from the elements. Tucson is considered one of the sunniest cities in America, so if you want to significantly reduce the effects of sun bleaching then our paint protective film is the perfect wrap for you!

tucson car wrap color change

Vinyl Color Change

Color change vinyl wrap car installations have become wildly popular over the last few years. Lately we have provided a number of Tucson car wraps that want a chameleon vinyl car wrap. We have multiple options when it comes to color changing like the standard chameleon which changes colors based on your orientation towards the car or hydro activated color changing wraps. No matter what 3M wrap you choose, you are bound to stand out in a crowd!

tucson custom car wrapping

Custom Wrap Design

We have been known as one of the best wrap shops in Tucson for our ability to print and install ornate custom wrap designs. Our car vinyl designs can be as detailed or minimalist as you desire. We also allow customers to bring in their own design ideas and we offer our help nailing down the details. Whichever direction you take, you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind and highest quality vehicle wrap Tucson residents have ever seen.

tucson commercial wraps

Commercial Wraps

Installing a car advertising wrap is highly recommended for getting your business those extra customers. With car signage you are able to display your business to many of the 500,000 Tucson AZ residents. We have the best car wraps in Tucson and our customers repeatedly tell us how much the advertisement on their vehicle has brought in new business. Whether you need a wrap for a fleet of construction trucks or just a single car, we have the high quality vinyl wrap for you. You no longer need to search for the “best vinyl wrap car near me,” because you are already on the website of the number one vinyl car wrap Tucson!

Car Wraps

The majority of our clients end up utilizing one of our premium packages to get a wrap for their car. If you have a sedan, van, SUV or coupe our professional technicians are prepared for the install. We have many amazing monochromatic options including black chrome wrap and chrome wrap. If you really want to stand out we have a variety of polychromatic wraps including a camo car wrap or even carbon fiber wrap. Whatever wrap you need, you no longer need to search for “car wrap near me” because Car Wraps Tucson has every option out there for premium 3M car wrap.

Truck Wraps

A lot of our commercial clients require a truck wrap to properly identify their work vehicles or showcase their businesses logo. Our vinyl wrap Tucson shop has years of experience working with every type of truck from a semi to an S10. We can provide anything from a full truck bed wrap to spot graphics on your doors. For the best vehicle wraps tucson AZ, call Car Wraps Tucson!

Van Wraps

We have had a lot of fun wrapping vans over the years. Their large semi flat surface areas allow us to really think outside of the box and stretch the imagination when designing new graphics. It does not matter if you have a minivan or a cargo van, we have the technicians ready to install.

Boat Wraps

There are thousands of different types of boats out there with hundreds of typical graphic designs. A boat is typically a big investment and you want to show it off. That is when you come to Car Wraps Tucson for the latest in graphic design and the best vinyl wrap Tucson. Our 3M vinyl wrap is marine grade so it is ready to withstand the abuse of many seasons.

Bus Wraps

There is no job that we cannot handle and that includes the large task of wrapping a bus. This takes immense precision and skill which all of our technicians have. Our Tucson car wraps have been installed on dozens of busses throughout the city and continue to look brand new.

Trailer Wraps

Many people forget about the blank canvas of an enclosed trailer. These trailers are the perfect candidate for a vinyl wrap. We can make your trailer look like the coolest trailer in town with our variety of polychromatic wraps. We also have a lot of experience with spot graphics and partial wraps for many different businesses throughout the city. Our precise and seamless installations will prevent you from ever needing to search “vinyl wrap near me,” again!

Our Packages

One Way Vision (Contravision)

One way vision vinyl wraps have been used for a few decades now starting out on busy city business windows. Since then it has rapidly expanded to public transportation and even personal vehicles. The beauty of contravision is the ability to display a very detailed graphic or logo without impeding the view of the driver or passenger on the inside. With contravision you are able to display your company's logo while also preventing people from seeing in your car. This saves you money on window tint!

Basic Spot Graphics

Basic spot graphics can be applied to any part of a vehicle. These are typically simplistic designs with minimal script but just enough to get your message across. Many people use this package to adhere their logo to 1-2 of the doors on their vehicle. We use the same high quality vinyl wrap for our spot graphics as we do for our full or partial wraps so you can always expect a superior end product.

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics cover everything the basic spot graphics package does but allows for a larger surface area of coverage. Many of our custom car wraps use spot graphics for detailed logos or when you have a lot more script to display for your business. We would love to help you design your next graphic or take your own design and bring it to life.

Partial Wraps

The partial wrap package is perfect for wrapping the front end of a car or across two doors. Our vehicle wrap Tucson shop is prepared to provide any variation of a large graphic and a seamless installation. Many of our commercial customers utilize the entire side of their vehicle for large advertisements to really get someone's attention. Our technicians have the proficiencies to apply your partial wrap across any surfaces and door jams leaving your car looking like it came from the factory.

Full Wraps

Here at Car Wraps Tucson we have some of the best custom car wraps Tucson has to offer. Our full wraps utilize only the highest quality 3M vinyl on the market. Our full wraps typically consist of monochromatic, color changing or paint protective film but we have also done dozens of full advertisement wraps. Between every door jam, door latch, window trim and windshield our full wraps are seamless and meticulously installed. Our car wraps Tucson pricing cannot be beat so give us a call today for a free estimate and let us know how we can revamp your ride!

About Tucson Arizona

Tucson AZ is a vast city with just over 240 square miles of land. Tucson dates back as far as the 18th century and has a rich spanish culture around its founding. Today there are just over 510,000 residents. Despite the city being sprawled out across Arizona there are a lot of desirable attractions to bring you here. There are a number of high end golf courses to hone in your skills. If adventure is calling your name there are dozens of outdoor exploring sites including the old baldy trail, Reid Park Zoo, or the Pima Air and Space Museum. Some of the nearby cities include:

  • Oro Valley, AZ
  • Green Valley, AZ
  • Valencia West, AZ
  • Vail, AZ
  • Picture Rocks, AZ
  • Three Points, AZ
  • Summit, AZ
  • Corona De Tucson, AZ
  • Many more surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a car wrap cost?

Car wrap prices can vary widely depending on the type of service you require. Basic spot graphics can run a few hundred dollars while full vehicle wraps cost quite a bit more, sometimes thousands of dollars. In the end it is a small price to pay for protecting your vehicle.

Can I wrap my car more than once?

Absolutely! The beauty of vinyl wrap is it is removable without damaging the base paint layer of your vehicle. We have many customers that come every 3-4 years just to mix things up!

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Every shop I called the prices were outrageous. I finally stumbled on to this shop and they were more than willing to find a wrap for me within my price range. Very affordable, I will be coming back!

Jack Dores

The staff here was extremely helpful and worked with me the whole way. They helped get my design modified so it would fit the car perfectly and I could not be more happy!

Jessica W.

Perfect installation. No seams or bubbles anywhere. It is unreal how clean my wrap looks. A++++

Hank F.

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We have one of the most premier Tucson wrap shops in the area and are dedicated to high quality standards for every customer. We have the most services, highest quality and friendly customer service for all new and returning customers. Our shop prides itself in our ability to consistently put out high quality work and leave every customer satisfied with their end product. We have many professional and well trained technicians that have established a high reputation in this space so our schedules are constantly filling up quickly. If you are considering a car color wrap anytime soon do not hesitate to reach out to Car Wraps Tucson for a free estimate!


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